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"YOU ARE MEMBERS OF THE INSURGENCE, a group of rebels fighting to bring peace and hope back into the galaxy. Your team has found the legendary SPACE SABER, an ancient, sophisticated weapon destined to be used by THE CHOSEN ONE against the evil GALACTIC CONFEDERATION."

Sabers and Feelings is a one-page micro Space Epic TTRPG. Play as rebels who stumble upon the mythic SPACE SABER, a weapon which could be your galaxy's last hope. Enact high-stakes adventures in a brilliant, shining science-fantasy world as you fight against evil to bring back peace. It's a game that pays tribute all the space stories we know and love, and for us to make our very own.

In this one page, you'll get:

  • A quick and easy process to create your very own ragtag rebel with their own goals and specialties. Play as dashing Insurgence pilots, or a TRAITOROUS CONFEDERAL DROID.
  • Instructions on how to create your very own SPACE SABER, generate the artifact together as a group and protect it with your lives.
  • Simple rules for rolling dice, pulling off epic actions and emotional confrontations.
  • A GM-side to generate full-fledged science-fantasy adventures on the fly; create powerful villains harboring unique plans, with dark consequences.
  • BONUS content on how to continue the game into a multi-session adventure.
  • Some quick tips on how to run a great adventure.
  • and all of this in FOUR SLICK LAYOUT OPTIONS: Space Wars Gold, Insurgence Red, Galactic Confederation Black (and White!), and a friendly black-and-white text-only document!

Made for Ad Astra Jam. The tabletop RPG jam about feels in space.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this Space Epic RPG you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Sabes & Feelings (Space Wars) v1 902 kB
Sabers & Feelings (Insurgence) v1 902 kB
Sabers & Feelings (Galactic Confederation) v1 197 kB
Sabers & Feelings (Text Only) v1 24 kB

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Well, I should have read better. I didn't realize it was a 1-page micro rpg. With a $6 USD price tag I was expecting a little bit more. Maybe art and ... like ... 16 pages at least.


I have been getting feedback on the pricing itself - thanks for the reply! I'll be making adjustments to reflect asap, and give purchasers some recompense for their patronage 🔥