Beyond Human MAJOR UPDATE for Version 2!

Beyond Human is going to get a major update!

My second submission for Emotional Mecha Jam, Beyond Human is a GM-less RPG exploring the relationship between augmented mech pilot and their closest confidant. Two players work together to uncover scars, experience intimacy and heal each other.

However, there has always been extra features and ideas that never quite made it into Beyond Human. This is mostly because of its game jam origins; Beyond Human was created within a day and submitted immediately. Hence, the update: In the coming weeks, Beyond Human will be slowly revised into a new edition with new mechanics, a fresh layout and illustrations!

To match up with this in preparation, Beyond Human will be sold at 50% at a limited time sale for $5 in preparation of its next version - and new price at $10! So grab it now and check it out while it lasts!

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