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You are ATTRACTIVE DETECTIVES. You run an Agency in the Big City. Rent is tough, and the cases are tougher - but you've got both the skills and the looks to solve it all.

In Attractive Detectives, you play hot investigators tasked with solving mysteries in the Big City. Do your job, solve Cases and make your Rent - or go down living.

Attractive Detectives is recommended for 3-5 players, with another player taking on the role of BC (Big City) to facilitate the game together. You'll need some six-sided dice and coins to play.

In this simple 5-page document, you will find:

  • A quick and easy PbtA-inspired character creation process to make your very own Detective. Are you HOT or COLD? HARD or SOFT? Do you play FAIR or DIRTY?
  • Two sample Agencies to choose and play in the Big City. Dirty your hands as the Troubleshooters or fill up your monthly quota as Sponsored Hands.
  • Rules-lite system for actions and combat in Attractive Detectives, all using a simple pool of six-sided dice to resolve problems and situations.
  • Rules on how to use Pull! A fast way to spend your resources to get things done when you're on the Case. Call in favours, buy equipment, or turn an entire scene into your advantage immediately.
  • Resources designed to help fresh BCs and players start a game immediately with minimal experience. Generate random Cases and mysteries to solve by rolling dice, and look at the five core agendas on how to run great sessions.
  • Credits, Rent and Troubles. Earn cash from solving cases, help the Agency stay alive in the Big City, and generate complications on-the-fly during Cases.


Attractive Detectives is currently being playtested. The game will launch at a lower price to reflect its current value, so get it early before updates roll in! In the future, more things will be added into the game, including:

  • A system to build your own Agency from the ground up, and more sample Agencies to choose from.
  • Factions in the Big City; Law, Crime, Elites, and Community. Pick a side and survive.
  • Character Sheets to help keep track of all your things in one place along with a list of sample starter character sheets and concepts to pick up and play immediately!
  • A system to perform group Actions and help each other.
  • Flaws; when your Detective passes out from taking too many Wounds, see what lasting injury or issue continues to inhibit them from the last scuffle. Dying is easy, living is harder.
  • Equipment list and bonuses with access to more vehicles, items and tools.
  • Metro Capital. A super cool starter Big City for players and BCs to use at the table for their very first game.
  • Looks and Apparel; a more complex, in-depth system of dressing up your Detective to be the hottest, hardest investigator on the block - and how it can affect your game and Actions.
  • Optional rule: Glasses.


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